Holistic Care Management

What is Holistic Care Management?

Holistic Care Management may sound like a new fad in senior care, but the concept is actually rooted in a very old-fashioned idea—that it takes a village to keep a patient well.

We believe healthcare isn’t just a transaction that happens that ends when a patient leaves a hospital, doctor’s office, or rehab center. Healthcare, when done right, is something that is woven into a patient’s whole life—through faithfully taken prescribed medications, following doctor’s orders for exercise and diet, controlling stress, getting proper rest and living in a healthy environment, for starters. This is doubly important for the seniors, who now that they’ve gotten older, need considerably more help achieving those goals. Even if they are still living at home, they need a coordinated team of people helping them, including primary care physicians, specialists, visiting nurses/health aides, staff at rehab centers, and family members.

Holistic Care Management unites a team of people in the care of the client, and takes into account all the factors that impact a patient’s health. It really is that simple.

At iHealthHome, we believe in this concept so passionately, we’ve built the whole company around it. Our online care management platform gives home health companies the ability to do more than just track meds, and when their staffers come and go. They can track and coordinate all the aspects of a life that affect a patient’s health. And we think that’s revolutionary.

Here’s some of the benefits of approaching care holistically with the iHealthHome system:

Streamlining paperwork
Our portals are customizable and allow staff to monitor how well patients are doing on their aspects of daily living, medicine compliance and dosing, activity levels, and the condition of their home. Communication between care team members also happens on the system, keeping all caregivers in the loop, no matter who’s showing up for shift.

Keeping family involved
Does a client need replacement clothing? Special medical supplies? Transportation to a doctor’s visit? New doctor-ordered foods? If there’s a message staff needs to get to designated caregivers they can do it through the iHealth Home platform, sending notes to family and also to-do lists based on what the home health staff is seeing at the client’s residence.

Monitoring lifestyle impacts
Is the client getting enough sleep? Eating regularly? Having new problems with balance or memory? The iHealthHome platform allows that to be tracked, and most important, communicated to the family members and physician team that can intervene to help the client.

Tracking healthcare access and compliance
Is the patient making it to their doctor’s appointment? Can they afford their prescriptions? Are they making an effort to follow doctor’s orders? All these things can be monitored over time, providing a true picture for physicians and family.

Connecting the care team
Regardless of what health system they may work in, the iHealthHome platform unites the medical records of the client for the benefit of everyone on the client’s health team, whether they be specialists, or primary care physicians, or home health workers.

Tying everything together in a data-friendly way
When care is delivered holistically, and tracked holistically, then it can be understood holistically. Home health companies that use our system are able to customize their reporting and pull up fine grained detail on the entire spectrum of a patient’s care.

To put it simply, we believe holistic care management is a game changer for the business of senior care. If you’d like to learn more, contact us at dewanne@ihealthhome.com.