When Technology Enables Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care.
It’s a fashionable term for a timeless idea: placing clients at the center of their own care plans. But for Louisville-based care management company Diversified Nurse Consultants, paperwork, processes and reporting were cutting into the time staff was able to devote to clients and their families. Until they began working with iHealthHome’s online platform, that is.
Ginger Jones, CEO of Diversified Nurse Consultants, led the changeover to iHealthHome in 2017. And she said the change did nothing short of revolutionize the way they did business—and cut their time doing paperwork, too.
“As a care management business, communication is central to us,” Jones said. “We manage care plans for our clients that span between family caregivers, the client, their physicians, and our in-home nurses. We had invested in a digital health platform for the business, but it wasn’t doing what we needed it to do. It couldn’t incorporate our processes or forms. It was expensive to modify. But when we switched to iHealthHome, our paperwork load decreased by 45 percent, and the time we were able to spend with clients went up. It has been a great investment, overall.”
A comprehensive solution
The iHealthHome platform allowed Diversified Health Consultants to move their entire care plan program to their new technology, including timesheets for staff, client records, operational forms, and reporting, as a start. The platform allows care managers to send messages to the care plan manager as well as the client’s physicians. And when clients need to involve their family caregivers in new care plans, they can send that information to the caregivers through the platform, as well.
“The best part is the way all the information is presented as a medical chart,” Jones said. “All the information is organized by client, and everything is easy to view, and easy to understand. It made the new system very easy for the staff to learn. And the communication modules make it very easy for our staff to flag issues, and notify everyone in a client’s care team. It truly makes the care person centered, because it helps us involve a whole village for the client’s care.”
Jones said her staff has embraced the program, using it to send caregivers to-do lists for scheduling doctor’s visits, picking up medical supplies and equipment. Important tasks are less likely to go undone, and caregivers appreciate the easy access to the details of their loved one’s care.
The system was easy to implement and easy to train their staff to use. Because of the platform’s capabilities, Diversified Nurse Consultants revamped and streamlined their processes. Time that was spent filling out paper forms and reporting is now spent on client care, because data is captured, stored and sorted more easily than ever before.
“The thing I appreciated the most about iHealthHome was its flexibility. While other platforms make you use their forms and their processes, with iHealthHome we were able to design a process that worked for us, using all our forms and our data points. So the transition was seamless, and we didn’t have to pay a premium for the system to be customized for our needs. It was a huge money saver for us,” Jones said.
Reports that stay on point
Jones said a key thing she values about the program is its reporting capabilities. The platform’s integrated reporting software allows them to monitor billing time, and capture data on outcomes and compliance, client by client. It also allows them to monitor their revenue cycle from end to end.
“Being able to pull customized reports is incredibly important, because in addition to the reporting on our business, we can also run important reports on our clients,” Jones said. “Other platforms are set up for reporting for insurance companies. But iHealthHome allows you to run reports on the holistic health of a client, including their psychosocial health, their healthcare access and their community support. We can run reports that answer questions like how fast has a client been declining or improving on tasks of daily living like bathing, or general mobility? How does a change in their environment or living circumstances impact their health? And we can make actionable changes to a client’s care based on that information. The ability to reduce our paperwork and increase our data tracking—that alone has made going with iHealthHome worth it for our business,” she added.